The Oz Tapes (x2 LP Vinyl) (SALE)

The Oz Tapes (x2 LP Vinyl)  (SALE)

Product Description

SALE! Was £69.99 now £49.99 First vinyl release of legendary band Les Rallizes Denudes, with previously unreleased material .OZ was a live music venue on the 2nd floor of a building near Kichijoji station. It became a centre of the rapidly growing underground and counter-culture scene. One of the highlights was the psychedelic noise band Les Rallizes Denudes, led by the mysterious Takashi Mizutani. They were one of the first bands to be booked at OZ, and took part in the closing series of concerts OZ Last Days. The double album of these recordings released in 1973 featured other bands including Acid Seven, Taj Mahal Travelers as well as four songs from Rallizes. This album is of all the live recordings by Rallizes. The original Scotch tapes were unearthed and remastered by Makoto Kubota, liner notes by Minoru Tezuka, manager of OZ and later manager of Rallizes. Booklet contains rare photographs.

Side A
1. OZ Days (1:33)
2. A Shadow on Our Joy (7:04)
3. Wilderness of False Flowers (7:36)
4. White Awakening (3:51)

Side B
1. The Last One_1970 (24:14)

Side C
1. Memory Is Far Away (6:40)
2. My Conviction (11:35)

Side D
1. The Last One_1970 (ver.2) (23:26)