The Overture - Original Soundtrack

The Overture - Original Soundtrack

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Soundtrack to 2004 Thai film based on the fictionalised life story of a Thai palace musician Luang Pradit Phairoh. It follows his life as a classical musician from the late 19th century until the 1940s. The film won several awards and was entered into the Academy Awards as Best Foreign Language Film. The film helped to popularize Thai Classical music in Thailand. The soundtrack features mostly Thai traditional music plus some original film score.
1.Assajun -Miracle composed by Petch Marr and Pijika) 2. Kaek bor-ra-tes 3.Ton Worrachet 4. Kum warn 5. Kra-tai ten 6. Lao duang duen 7. Hom rong pra-derm chai 8. Hom rong um-ma-baht 9. Hom rong chor paka 10. Home rong jeen dok mai 11. Saen kum-nueng
Tracks 2-11 traditional Thai music performed by Chaibhuk Bhutrachinda, Korphai and Narongrit Tosa-nga
12.Raek phob 13.Terd toh 14. Berk barn 15. Sum nuek 16. Chai-cha-na 17. Kwam wung
12-17 are from the original score by Chatchai Pongrapaphan