The Occurence of Slope (SALE)

The Occurence of Slope  (SALE)

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Steve Jansen (ex-Japan) live in Tokyo, 29th Feb.2008. Filmed in High Definition, the concert was one of the musical events of the year in Japan. Steve Jansen on drums, computer programming and keyboards was joined by a stellar cast of like-minded musicians and collaborators from the past and present. Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) on guitar, Masakatsu Takagi on keyboards and a string quartet led by Seigen Tokuzawa with visuals by Shoko Ise. Various vocalists appear on a back screen including David Sylvian, Tina Elsenburg and Anja Garbarek. The live performance features previously unreleased tracks, and new live interpretation of music written for a Shoko Ise exhibition. Extra features include unreleased collaborative works by Jansen and Ise, and four short films. Artwork by Shoko Ise.