The Life Comes Round

The Life Comes Round

Product Description

Third solo album and second since leaving Nenes. Misako Koja is not exactly prolific when it comes to album releases but listening to this new one and reading the credits you can understand why. As always produced by ex-Nenes kebyoard player and co-producer Kazuya Sahara, The Life Comes Round, features 21 backing musicians. These include her former Nenes friends Namiko Miyazato and Yukino Hiyane, Spanish Galician pipe and flute player Carlos Nunes, and Chinese musicians Jiang Xiao Qing on guzheng, and Ma Ping on various Chinese percussion instruments. However, the most important and impressive thing about this album are the superb original songs penned by Sahara, and arrangements and choice of a few traditional tunes, including the Irish trad song, The Mountains of Pomeroi. This album has everything; quality, variety, joy, passion and of course one of the greatest voices in Okinawa. Comes with English translation of the lyrics.
1. Tin Jara 2. The Mountains of Pomeroi 3. Tida-nu-fa 4. Kuroi-Ame 5. Kugani-n-guwa 6.Umi nu Chinbora - Akayama 7. Nachi-nu-Sansana 8. Aki no Odori 9. Fuyu no Hanakage 10. Amazing Grace 11. Kunjan Sabakui 12. Miguru-Inochi