The Heavymanners

The Heavymanners

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Japan has for several years now, been one of the centres for dub music. Influenced by King Tubby, Lee Perry and others, Japanese dub artists have gradually formed their own identity and sound. One of those innovators is Takeshi 'Heavy' Akimoto, former bassist and leader of a dub band, Dry & Heavy. The Heavymanners are the latest group formed by Akimoto in 2002. 'Heavy' has supposedly been holding them back from performing and recording until last year, and this is their first album recorded in Jamaica. Guests include Shing02, King Yellowman, Killer-Bong and Sly (from Sly & Robbie).
1. Cut the Babylon System 2. Stop the Killing (feat. Linval Thompson) 3. Banzai Charge 4. Militant Bass 5. We a Soldiers (feat. King Yellowman) 6. Eternal Light 7. Riot 8. Taiyo (feat. Shing02) 9. Terroriddim (Rudeboy Anthem) feat. Killer-Bong 10. You Must Hear / Sly & Heavy feat. Skully 11. Rebel / Sly & Heavy