The Gauguin Years - Songs and Dances of Tahiti

The Gauguin Years - Songs and Dances of Tahiti

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Recorded in 1968. Old timey Polynesian, love songs, hulas, war chants, prayers and protest songs. Ukulele, guitar, shell trumpets, nose flutes, drums and various percussion instruments.
1. Within the Forest 2. Religious Chant 3. May the Moon Rise 4. Chant at the Death of a Woman 5. Drums of War 6. The Story of a Battle 7. I Am Alone 8. Genealogy 9. Dance of the Children 10. Once She Was As Beautiful As the Moon 11. Let Us Tell the Story 12. We Will Watch 13. Song for the Sea at Sunset 14. Bamboo Drums and Dance of Summer 15. Song for Birds in Flight 16. There Was a Time 17. Chant in the Face of Danger 18. Women’s Work Song 19. Drums of Welcome and Rejoicing 20. Dance of Pleasure in Love 21. Almost Daybreak 22. We Shall Overcome 23. Sing Then, Dance Then 24. The Young and Brave 25. From Sea to the Seat of the Mountain 26. Not Goodbye