The Colourful of Bengawan Solo

The Colourful of Bengawan Solo

Product Description

This album originally came out in 2005 to mark the 65th anniversary of the classic kroncong song, Bengawan Solo, written and performed by Gesang and to celebrate his 88th birthday. This album features different versions of Bengawan Solo, from other Indonesian kroncong singers, traditional Indonesian music, plus pop, country, reggae, and Chinese language.

1. Bengawan Solo (Pop Country)/Iin
2. Bengawan Solo (Disco Reggaae)/Mus Mulyadi
3. Bengawan Solo (Rock)/ Gen's 21
4. Bengawan Solo/Sundari Soekotjo
5. Bengawan Solo (Sundanese Degung)/TutI Maryati
6. Bengawan Solo (Duet)/ Gesang, Asti Dewi Christianna
7. Bengawan Solo (Japanese Keroncong)/TutI Maryati
8. Bengawan Solo (Chorus & Orchestra Version)/ Tri Ubaya Cakti Chorus, Shanghai Orchestra
9. Bengawan Solo (Mandarin Keroncong)/Melani Tunas
10. Bengawan Solo (Children Pop)/Lidya Lau
11. Bengawan Solo (Pop Rock)/Dong Feng
12. Bengawan Solo (Mandarin Cha Cha)/Harry
13. Bengawan Solo (Sundanese Kacapi Suling)/Deny
14. Varia Bengawan Solo/Shanghai Opera Academy Chorus & Yogyakarta Academy Orchestra