The Best of Golden Best - J-Pop (Blu-spec CD2)

The Best of Golden Best - J-Pop (Blu-spec CD2)

Product Description

The term J-Pop became a popular term at the beginning of the 1990s, eventually replacing what was called kayoukyoku. It encompassed many of the previous genres such as new music, idol, etc..although enka has always remained seperate. It was a term that brought incredible marketing success, with many rock bands, singers, groups riding the crest of the J-Pop wave and selling millions of records. Producers such as Tetsuro Komuro dominated the charts at certain periods, as did acts associated with talent agencies such as Johnny & Associates, and big selling rock bands. As an all encompassing term, it is still by far the most popular genre of music in Japan. This compilation even includes acts that emerged during the world music boom in the 1990s, perhaps not normally associated with J-Pop.
1. Zurui Onna/ Sharam Q 2. Da. Yo. Ne / East End × Yuri 3. Won’t Be Long/ Da Bubble Gum Brothers 4. You' re the Only / Masatoshi Ono 5. Kimi Dake o Miteita/ To Be Continued 6. Aozora no Hate/ Miwako Okuda 7. Kitakaze to Taiyo/ Yellow Generation 8. Hottokenai yo - Album version / Seishiro Kusunose 9. Ashita no Yukue/ Smile 10. Fuyu no Fantasy / Kazun 11. Koishi-sa to Setsuna-sa to Kokorodzuyo-sa to/ Ryoko Shinohara with T. Komuro 12. Natsu Matsuri/ Whiteberry 13. Ai Yori Aoi Umi/ Shang Shang Typhoon 14. Eien no Puzzle/ Izumi Tachibana 15. Henshin/ Rolly 16. Kogane no Hana/ Nenes