The Best Selection of Kabuki - Terakoya (The Village School)

The Best Selection of Kabuki - Terakoya (The Village School)

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Terakoya ("The Village School") an act of the play 'Sugawara denju tenarai kagami' is a powerful melodrama about a father who ultimately sacrifices his own son as a debt of loyalty to another lord. Kan Shusai the only son of Kan Shojo lives under the shelter of one of his retainers, Genzo, when he is banished to Kyushu. The chief magistrate orders Genzo to kill and bring the head of Kan Shusai to the authorities. At the suggestion of his wife, Tonami, Genzo decides to kill another child, Kotaro, the son of a noble, in place of Kan Shusai. The magistrate, Gemba, comes to the school with the noble Matsuômaru, whose ex-master was Kan Shojo, to make sure Genzo will do his duty and make certain it is the head of Kan Shusai. They inspect the boys of the school, and Gemba questions Tonami suspiciously. Matsuômaru knows that his son, Kotaro is in the school. Gemba gives Genzô an empty head box, and tells him to get the job over with. Genzo takes the box, a sound is heard and Matsuomaru's son is killed, If Matsuomaru is to deny that the head is Kan Shusai's, Genzo is ready to cut him down Matsuomaru lifts the cover of the box, revealing his son's head , but confirms it to be the head of Kan Shusai. Kan Shusai comes out of hiding. Matsuômaru's wife Chiyo calls out for her son and Genzo, tries to kill her. Matsuomaru reveals Kotaro was his son who Genzo says died with honour. Kan Shojo's wife and Kan Shusai comfort each other and honor the soul of Kotaro. 86 min, Region Code:All NTSC.