The Best Selection of Kabuki - Shiranami Gonin Otoko

The Best Selection of Kabuki - Shiranami Gonin Otoko

Product Description

Shiranami Gonin-otoko (The Five Shiranami Men) was written in 1862 by Kawatake Mokuami. Shiranami means literally 'white waves', and deriving from the Chinese reading of the kanji 'bai-bo', came to mean bandits or men who lead a thoroughly dishonest lifestyle. Mokuami specialized in such shiranami themes, that reflected political and social uncertainty towards the end of Tokugawa period. His characters extol the good and condemn the bad, the heroes of his plays are rascals rather than villains. Sets range from the sparkling scene in a Kamakura temple to the finale set in Gokurakuji temple with a folding roof. One of the highlights is the scene with a twist whereby the character Benten visits a kimono store posing as an alluring woman dressed in a black kimono. His true identity is exposed by a samurai, himself, a disguised Nippon Daemon (leader), Benten strips to reveal a bright red underwear and tattoes of cherry blossoms on his shoulders and arms. Another highlight when the five Shiranami men are presented, standing under cherry trees holding umbrellas on which 'shiranami' is written. Each briefly introduces himself before engaging in a fight with policeman. As if this wasn't involved enough, there is also a sub-plot. All very intriguing and a delight to watch. 102 min, Region Code:All NTSC.