The Best Selection of Kabuki - Kanjincho (1943)

The Best Selection of Kabuki - Kanjincho (1943)

Product Description

A quite incredible DVD of Kanjincho, the most popular play in the Kabuki repertoire. The leading role of Benkei is equally the most famed and demanding role, requiring all the skills of kabuki acting. The most legendary performer of the role of Benkei is Koshiro Matsumoto, who performed it over 1600 times, and it is he that is featured on this performance from 1943. A noble named Togachi Saemon urges his men to intercept a fleeing Minamoto Yoshitsune and his party, who are disguised as wandering priests. As musicians are performing, enter Yoshitsune and four retainers, wearing a straw hat and a load on his back. At the barrier, Benkei, an ex-priest, travelling with the party announces they are priests and wishing to pass freely, as they are collecting funds to restore Todaiji temple in Nara. Togashi at first suspects, then realizes they are not who they say are, but is impressed with Benkei's courage and knowledge of buddhism. He lets them pass, but another soldier recognizes Yoshitsune. Realizing the game is probably up, Benkei pretends to beat Yoshitsune and asks Togashi to detain him. Togashi is further impressed by Benkei's loyalty to his master, and pleads with Benkei to restrain himself from beating Yoshitsune. The party get through and Yoshitsune is eternally grateful to Benkei, yet Benkei apologies for beating him. Benkei displays his sense of loyalty by saying he would die for his master, and weeps with emotion. 77 min, Region Code:All NTSC.