The Best Selection of Kabuki - Jusshuko, Kenrei Monin

The Best Selection of Kabuki - Jusshuko, Kenrei Monin

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The most popular act of Honcho Nijushiko, Jusshuko starts with Princess Yaegaki burning incense and crying over the picture of the the man she had promised to marry, Katsuyori who has supposedly died. Nureginu is doing much the same, over the death of her husband, who was killed instead of Katsuyori. Between them on stage appears a disguised Katsuyori, feeling sorry for causing their grieving. When she sees Katsuyori, Nureginu cries because of resemblance to her lover. Yaegaki hears them and is amazed at his exact likeness to the portrait of Katsuyori and calls out his name. Katsuyori insists he is the gardener, Minosaku, and not the son of a lord. Furthermore he says he is an official emissary of the Princess's father Kenshin and is soon to depart. Yaegaki falls in love with him, and asks Nureginu to be their matchmaker. Katsuyori is astonished at the strength of her love and asks for a sacred helmet in Lake Suwa as a token of love. Nureginu suspects that he is in fact Katsuyori but he still insists he is Minosaku. Yaegaki attempts suicide for trying to win his love although they are not betrothed prompting Katsuyori to decide to reveal his identity. Kenshin gives a letter to Minsaku, and asks him to take it to a town near Lake Suwa. He gives the order to kill Katsuyori, while the two women plead his case. 117 min, Region Code:All NTSC.