The Best Selection of Kabuki - Fuin-giri (The Broken seal)

The Best Selection of Kabuki - Fuin-giri (The Broken seal)

Product Description

Set in Osaka, a well off client holds a banquet in a tea house for Umegawa, a courtesan working in the tea house. She is however missing her lover, Chubei, who is from a farming family but married into a family that owns a delivery company. A rich man from the countryside decides to claim Umegawa for himself, forcing Chubei to pay more money than he can afford, while another of Chubei's friends also sets his sights on redeeming Umegawa. The mistress of another tea house allows Chubei and Umegawa to meet there. Chubei promises to come up with the required amount, and so commences a series of bids and from different suitors. He is later forced to prove he can afford the redemption fee, and allows one of his rivals to touch the bundle of money inside his kimono. However, he was keeping this money for a samurai, and when coerced into breaking the seal, according to law this means he will be sentenced to death for using the money for his own purposes. Chubei counts out the gold coins, but realizes his only escape is to commit suicide. Umegawa pleas to be his wife only for three days, before the couple agree to commit suicide together. 83 min, Region Code:All NTSC.