The 18th Japan Culture Award - Tomogoro Yamamura

The 18th Japan Culture Award - Tomogoro Yamamura

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Region Code All, NTSC, 48 minutes. Filmed 19th June and 2nd July at Kioi Hall, Tokyo. The 18th winner of the award was the traditional dance performer Tomogoro Yamamura. Born in 1964, he is the fourth generation to hold the name of Tomogoro Yamamura who founded the Yamamura-ryu (school) about 200 years ago. The first Tomogoro Yamamura was a choreographer for the kabuki actor Utaemon Nakamura. He choreographed many dances in the Kamigata-mai of the Kansai region of western Japan. The dances of the Yamamura-ryu were influenced by kabuki and bunraku. Kamigata-mai also includes jiuta-mai, popular songs from the area accompanied by shamisen and koto. These jiuta-mai dancers added the famous parts of noh plays for their samurai customers, who also studied noh drama. During the Meiji and early Showa era, educated daughters of Osaka merchants would learn Yamamura dance because of its elegance. Tomogoro Yamamura aims to preserve and hand down the tradition for the next generation. Other dancers include Seikin Tomiyama and Koji Kikuhara.
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