Product Description

Produced by Makoto Kubota. Morio Agata has been making records since the early 70s. He became known as one of the 'gentle generation' of singer/songwriters, influenced by American folk but with more than a nod to post and pre-war Japanese pop. Since the 1980s he became influenced by world music and has been a long time collaborator of Makoto Kubota and in the early 90s formed the excellent group Raizo. Kubota, in case you don't know, is one of Japan's most innovative and brilliant producers, whose most recent project, Blue Asia has gained international acclaim. This album celebrates 35 years since Agata's first record, is a mix of old and new material, some inspired by the author Taruho Inagaki. Tracks include a version of Tokyo Bushi, with Japanese lyrics set to Marching Through Georgia, that has become a standard folk tune in Japan, complete with a Northeastern Brazilian rhythm session and guest vocals from Haruomi Hosono, an Arabic/dub version of Submarine, a Gypsy meets Bellydance mix on the song Sexi Sexi, and other world influences. Strong songs, great production, highly recommended. 12 tracks plus one bonus mix of Tokyo Bushi.