Taiwa - Playfully in Warehouse

Taiwa - Playfully in Warehouse

Product Description

Duo of Kyoichi Watanabe on sax and clarinet and Yuta Kaji on guitar. This album was recorded with a 'pre-war atmosphere' in a pre-war building, using pre-war microphones. It was recorded in an old warehouse in Chiba prefecture, using a Matsuda (Toshiba) A-type velocity microphone, which was used by the record companies in the 1930s. It was recorded in mono with no editing. Watanabe is a Tokyo based jazz saxophonist and clarinet player who has played with a wide of artists with a special interest in pre-war Japanese jazz and popular music. Yuta Kaji is also well known as a guitarist and ukulele player, playing with a variety of groups, known for playing a swing jazz style.

1. Washboard Blues (Hoagy Carmichael)
"TAIWA" covered one of the earliest(circa1924) work of the great composer of "Stardust"
2. WOO-HAH (Kyoichi Watanabe)
An original swing piece composed for telling you “Woo-Hah”
3. Kosenba Pela Janela (Kyoichi Watanabe)
A song depicting an imaginary nightlife in Kosenba area of Kawagoe city. Here you can catch nice support by Patrick the rhythm box.
4. "Lunch Girl" of Ero-Ero Tokyo Musume Hyakkei (haruko iki)
TAIWA made the spoken word performance of the book banned in early Showa-era. The book had been republished and supervised in 2017 by Masato Mori.
5. Rock-a-bye My Baby (Haruomi Hosono)
TAIWA again covered the song from the legendry masterpiece “HOSONO HOUSE”. In the key of B, very airy sound came out of the clarinet.
6. Ole Miss Rag (W.C. Handy)
A ragtime song written in 1917. Still, even now this is one of the standards among New Orleans Jazz musicians.
7. The Song Is Ended (Irving Berlin)
Written in 1927. This is also a favorite song in New York Hot Jazz scene.
8. Hainan Jeefan (Kyoichi Watanabe)
The song for a delicious Hainan Jeefan(Singaporean “chicken over rice”) at Kanda which inspired me much.
9. Sawara Ko-Uta (Nobuhiro Matsudaira)
Mr. Kotaro Sugai, an owner of the Yokuraya warehouse, a local researcher of Hayashi music gave a starting yell. And also, far-reaching voluntary support was given here by Roger the Omnichord.
10. The theme of TAIWA (Kyoichi Watanabe)
This is the self-covered version of “The theme of TAIWA”.