Symphony Ihatov (Blu-ray)

Symphony Ihatov (Blu-ray)

Product Description

Tomita's most recent work performed for the first time in November 2012, filmed on September 15th 2013 at Tokyo, Bunkamura, Orchard Hall. Ihatov is a fictional place created by poet/author Kenji Miyazawa derived from his native Iwate prefecture. Features The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, a chamber chorus, a junior high school choir, and lead 'vocaloid' by digital female star Hatsune Miku, a synthesizer application who appears as an animated projection. Behind this extraordinary spectacle was Isao Tomita, who composed the symphony and cleverly incorporated the vocaloid into an orchestral work for the first time. Symphony Ihatov has been billed as Tomita's magnum opus, expressing the 'psychedelic' and colourful world of Miyazawa's literature, that Tomita has been a fan of since he was a child. The two worlds of Tomita, the orchestral and electronic combining with spectacular results.The production received much critical acclaim. Includes interview with Tomita and with conductor Shoichi Kawai. Includes 3D section and 3D glasses. Blu-ray Region A.