Sympathy: Korean Eight Iron Stringed Zither Music

Sympathy: Korean Eight Iron Stringed Zither Music

Product Description

First album from 2005 by Yu Kyung-Hwa, one of the leading figures in Korean music opening up new possibilities, particularly in performing and composing for the cheolhyeongeum (iron-stringed zither). The strings on the instrument are plucked with a short horn rod and a bar slides up and down like a slide guitar. The sound it produces is quite amazing, a little bit dark, certainly bluesy, much like a steel guitar but with a definite Korean atmosphere. Cheolhyeongeum was created by Kim Yeong-Cheol who was a master of traditional tightrope dancing of Namsadang in the 1940s. It is now one of the modernized traditional instruments for Sanjo, a genre of traditional Korean folk music. Listen to samples of all tracks.
1. Oblivious Bird - Cheolhyeongeum Solo (8:07) 2. Cheolhyeongeum Sanjo Jinyangjo - Kim Yeong-Cheol Style (6:13) 3. Cheolhyeongeum Sanjo Joongmori - Kim Yeong-Cheol Style (2:33) 4. Cheolhyeongeum Sanjo Joongjoongmori - Kim Yeong-Cheol Style (3:05) 5. Cheolhyeongeum Sanjo Jajinmori - Kim Yeong-Cheol Style (3:07) 6. Cheolhyeongeum and Geomungo Duo Jinyangjo by Yu Kyung-Hwa & Heo Yoon-Jeong (2:35) 7. Cheolhyeongeum and Geomungo Duo Joongmori by Yu Kyung-Hwa & Heo Yoon-Jeong (3:26) 8. Cheolhyeongeum and Geomungo Duo Joongjoongmori by Yu Kyung-Hwa & Heo Yoon-Jeong (2:02) 9. Cheolhyeongeum and Geomungo Duo Jajinmori by Yu Kyung-Hwa & Heo Yoon-Jeong (3:07) 10. Yeongsanhoesang - Sangyeongsan (6:54) 11. Yeongsanhoesang - Seyeongsan (5:11) 12. Shaman Song of East Coast (8:46)

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