Supreme (2014 remastering) (Great Soloist Series)

Supreme (2014 remastering) (Great Soloist Series)

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Kim Dae-Rye has dedicated her life as a shaman on Chindo island to singing for the souls of the dead. Recorded in 1992 on Chindo island and 1994 in Seoul. Kim is accompanied by Park Byung Won (piri, vocal), Kim Gi Bong (jing, piri), Park Dong Mae (janggo, vocal). Here are the English notes.

In whatever the circumstances, the voice of Kim DaeRye always comes to straighten up our mind. Not only for hurnan being her voice affects on every creatures' lives setting their spine of mind straight. Every living thing be it big or be it small, holds their breath through her voice, doubtlessly making us feel so sound and modest towards heaven towards nature. Kim DaeRye is a caretaker of Ssitkkim Kut, the shamanistic ceremonies of Jindo. Ssitkkim Kut is a ceremony to cleanse the souls of the dead, as well as purifies the souls of the living. The voice of Kim DaeRye sounds so deep and strong that it comes shaking the earth. It comes through with the power to assist exchanging the spiritual energy between the livmg and the dead, which is only rendered by her rich power of expression.

For one could never bear to take and hold the whole energy of all different living whirling and crashing on this planet within her, and immediately absorb or combine them into the form of her expression. In the voice and the background of the songs of Kim DaeRye, she reminds us that there is always a mountain that none of us has ever treaded in, or the sea that none of us has ever sailed on. Being no exception from most of the great vocalists in the world, Kim DaeRye knows with all her heart that singing is for humans to be an instrument to feel and swing together with the beat comes from heavens above. And she knows the best way to accomplish it by nature. Whenever I see Kim DaeRye singing, I always start to wonder about this mysterious but interesting relationship between the bones of the living things surface of the earth and the air. Because when she sings, it echos in our bones, and it shakes the axis and shakes the air. It has to be that such sequence of the whole movement keeps crashing onto our body just like feedback. Looking at her when not singing, like when she is just puffing her cigarette, Kim DaeRye is stylish like a jazz musicien. But,her always-shy smile is truely innocent then anybody you know.
1. An-dang (Feul-rim) (14'19") 2. Cho-ga-mang-seok (12'05") 3. Jae-seok (14'59") 4. Sal-pul-i (10'01")