Super Volcano

Super Volcano

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Back in the 90s, Piranhans gained a cult following for their brilliant musicianship and genre crossing. After 13 years, they're back with their fourth album. Swing, Carribean, funk, Irish, ska and African are some of the styles incorporated into Super Volcano. The formidable musicians are Pianica Maeda (pianica, vocal, prepared piano), Isamu Tsukamoto (guitar) and Yuji Nagayama. also a member of Mayumi Kojima Band and Manabu Sakata (drums, percussion) famous saxophonist Akira Sakata's son. Sakata joined the group in 1997 but soon after they ceased playing, starting again in 2006. They spent four years gradually getting the band back into shape, performing live concerts, and culminating in the release of this album.
1. Letter From The King Arthur 2. Buriki no Ningyo 3. Volcano 4. Filament 5. Miami Beach Rumba 6. Amagasa to Amagappa 7. Slipped Disc 8. Carib Carib 9. Swedish Pastry 10. Chakula Cha Wasichana 11. Jordu 12. Philippe 3