Sumo Jinku Legend

Sumo Jinku Legend

Product Description

Anyone who has watched Japan's national sport, sumo, will know it is filled with sounds and music. Before each bout, the yodibashi caller announces the names of the wreslers by singing their names. Jinku itself, is a kind of song about daily news filled wit and humour. This album includes a sumo jinku called 'Touchi Kyoukou' singing thanks and farewell to everyone at the end of 'senshuraku', the final and fifteenth day of a tournament. The 14 singers include current and ex Sumo wrestlers plus professional minyo singers. A fascinating insight into a fascinating world. Comes with English version of Touchi Kyoukou.
1. Sumo Jinku [Touchi Kyoukou, Atouta, Onagori] 2. Touchi Kyoukou 3. Sumo Oondo 4. Touchi Kyoukou English Version