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Region Code 2, NTSC. Performed by Rokuro Umewaka (1907-1979) who was famed for his exquisite, delicate performance and beautiful voice. Hayashikata also gives a magical performance. First broadcast in 1977. Sumidagawa has become known as the noh play that Benjamin Britten saw in 1956 and that inspired him to write 'Curlew River' one of his strangest works. It belongs to the fourth category (miscellaneous) that include a variety of types of plays. It was written by Zeami's son, Motomasa, who died an untimely death. It involves a mother (Shite) from Kyoto who travels to Tokyo, to the Sumidagawa (Sumida river) in search of her son who has been kidnapped by a slave trader. People make fun of this madwoman, except a boatman called Waki, who takes her across the river. A crowd gathers around a grave mound, the grave of a young boy who died on the road while being forced to travel by a slave trader. The mother learns this is the grave of her son. She collapses and prays with the others, thinking she hears his voice and sees his image, but when she tries to touch him, he disappears as the day dawns. This is one of many Madness Noh (monogurui noh), in which the main character grieves over a forced parting from a loved one.