Sugungga (Special Edition CD)

Sugungga (Special Edition CD)

Product Description

Leenalchi are named after a legendary 19th century singer, and tells an epic story about a turtle's search of a rabbit's liver. This extraordinary group are influences by pansori, traditional musicial storytelling. There are two main sections, percussion, featuring two bassists and one percussion player, and four pansori trained vocalists. The result is some of the most pulsating music to come out of Korea in recent years.

Vocals, Kwon Song Hoe
Vocals, Shin Yu Jin
Vocals, Ahn Yi Ho
Vocals, Lee Na Rae
Bass, Keyboards, Jang Young Gyu
Bass, Keyboards, Jeong Jung Yeop
Drums, Lee Chul Hee

1.Tiger Is Coming 05:32
2..Catch A Rabbit 02:17
3.A Fish Map 03:08
4.Ultimate Prescription 07:03
5.If You Want Me to Say 04:21
6.You Know Who I Am? 05:27
7.Tiger's Third Leg 03:14
8.You Are Just a Tiny Bunny 03:57
9.Crying Softshell Turtle 03:13
10.A Magic Pocket 05:05
11. CD Bonus Track
12.Ddiddiroo Diroo Diroo 05:31