Spirit of Healing - Okinawa (SALE)

Spirit of Healing - Okinawa  (SALE)

Product Description

SALE! Was £22.99 now £17.99. Words such as 'Spirit' and 'Healing' normally set off alarm bells here, as an excuse to add a few nature sounds or slushy keyboards over some decorative ethnic sounds to appeal to a new age market. Which makes this album's delights all the more welcome. While there are the expected ocean and forest sounds and the occasional lush keyboards, this is a beautifully crafted CD that showcases some of Okinawa's most well known traditions, instruments and songs, (mo-ashibi, sanshin, Tsuki nu Kaisha) as well as some lesser known traditions (prayers) instruments such as Ryukyu kokkyu (erhu), ryukin (zither) and some superb vocal performances from Sachiko Shima, Coi-na and Team Kukuru, with music played by Toru Yonaha and others.