Space Fantasy + Live Space Fantasy (cardboard sleeve, 2 Blu-spec CDs)

Space Fantasy + Live Space Fantasy (cardboard sleeve, 2 Blu-spec CDs)

Product Description

2 in 1 set, of the studio album of Space Fantasy, plus its live version. both albums originally released in 1978. Space Fantasy was a project of Hideki Matsutake who would go on to form Logic System, and work with YMO as sequencer programmer and synthesizer operator. In 1978, this was a groundbreaking project at a time when synthesizers and electronic music was still in its infancy. The album features a team of musicians, including drummer Shuichi 'Ponta' Murakami, Jun Fukamachi (synthesizer), Hiroki Inui (synthesizer) and guitarist Kazumi Watanabe. The theme of the album is space and the universe, and tracks include theme from Close Encounters, Star Wars, plus Miyagawa compositions from the anime Space Battleship Yamato.
1. Overture-space Cruiser Yamato 2. Nocturnal Pursuit 3. Iskandall 4. White Morning After 5. Scarlet Scarf 6. Space Cruiser Yamato 7. The Squadron 8. Angel Dust 9. Theme From `Close Encounters Of The Third Kind` 10. Hope For Tomorrow-dream
1 * 2. Mermaid Boulevard 3. Theme From `Star Wars` 4. The Balance 5. Theme From `Firebird` 6. The Squadron 7. Theme From `2001 Space Odyssey` Also Sprach Zarathustra