Sotoba Komachi Ichido no Shidai, Matsumushi Kanpai no Mai

Sotoba Komachi Ichido no Shidai, Matsumushi Kanpai no Mai

Product Description

NTSC, Region code 2, 81 minutes. Japanese only. Rokuro Umekawa (1907-1979) was famed for his exqusite, delicate performance and beautiful voice. Sotoba Komachi (filmed in 1967) - Komachi on the Stupa- centres around the courtier and poetess Ono no Komachi. She is abandoned and alone in old age, but in her younger days was famed for her beauty and rejected many suitors. A priest from Mt. Koya notices her resting upon a decaying wooden post, which is a stupa, a symbol of the Buddha. Later, Komachi is possessed by the spirit of one of her old suitors, Fukakusa no Shosho. Matsumushi, performed in 1962, - The Chirp of the Crickets- is situated on the outskirts of present day Osaka. Two men walking through a pine grove near Abeno, were captivated by the sound of crickets. One of them ventured into the forest but did not return. The other man found him lying dead, and later always returned to the same place, compelled to do so by the sound of the crickets.