Songs and Prayers from the Izaiho Ritual, Kudaka Island

Songs and Prayers from the Izaiho Ritual, Kudaka Island

Product Description

Ancient rituals from the Okinawan island of Kudaka. It is believed that the first ancestors of Okinawa settled on Kudaka and it is known as the 'Island of the God'. This CD, originally recorded in 1978 features the Izaiho ritual in which women between the ages of 30 and 41 make the symbolic transition from young women into celestial beings. This ritual only takes place once every twelve years. Izaiho was cancelled in 1990 and every twelve years since due to the declining number of women born and living on the island, and a female Noro shaman to perform the ritual. This is therefore likely to be the last time this ritual was ever performed and is an important document as well as an intoxicating listen.
1. Asanmai 2. Nirahana Worship 3. Tinyuta Praying at Uputishiji 4. Yukunegamiashibi 5. Hashirarariashibi 6. Arikuya 7. Dialogue Between Shizu Nishime and Yasuo Higa 8. Nariki 9. Gukimai 10. Speech of the District Mayor