Solar Wind (Taiyo-Fu) + 5

Solar Wind  (Taiyo-Fu) + 5

Product Description

Isato Nakagawa was a acoustic guitarist, singer-songwriter, known for his finger style playing. He died in April 2022. He was a member of a legendary Japanese folk band Five Red Balloons, which he left in 1969, after which he released some 25 solo albums. He performed concerts in Europe, and organized and played with other guitarists in Japan, including Martin Simpson, Tim Sparks and many others. This album was originally released in 1994, comes with a new jacket and five outtakes as bonus tracks. Beautiful album

1. Taiyo-Fu
2. Shika Odori
3. Kaze no Tani
4. Elegy
5. Mah-Jong Piece
6. Rakko to Rakkyo
7. Tanaka-Tei no Gogo
8. Harpoon
9. Toumouro Koshi
10. Douyamacho no Yo Wa Fukete
11. Tohou Bijin
12. Binroujo no Kokage
Bonus Tracks
13. Taiyo-Fu (Outtake)
14. Taiyo-Fu (Outtake)
15. Binroujo no Kokage (Outtake)
16. Shika Odori (Outtake)
17. Mah-Jong Piece (Outtake)