Softly (CD + Premium CD) (Limited Edition)

Softly (CD + Premium CD) (Limited Edition)

Product Description

First new album for 11 years. Includes new mixes of singles including Recipe, Mirai's Theme, Uta no Kisha, Reborn, Cheer Up! The Summer, Hikari to Kimi e no Requiem and Angel of the Light. Also popular TV CM songs Shining from the Inside and Lehua, My Love. This limited edition comes with a premium CD with 7 live recordings from the 'Latest Acoustic Live' concert held at Tokyo FM Hall on December 3rd 2021, as the Sunday Songbook 1,500th Anniversary.

1. Phoenix (2021 Version)
2. Love's on Fire
3. Mirai's Theme
4. Recipe
5. Cheer Up! The Summer
6. Jinryoku Hikoki
7. Uta no Kisha
8. Shining from the Inside
9. Lehua, My Love
10. Opression Blues
11. Composition
12. You
13. Angel of the Light
14. Hikari to Kimi e no Requiem
15. Reborn

Premium CD - 'Latest Acoustic Live', 3rd December 2021, at Tokyo FM Hall
1. Turner no Kikansha
2. Pocket Music
3. Amaku Kiken Nakaori
4. Parade
5. Bella Notte
6. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas