Smark Tam Bropey Nee

Smark Tam Bropey Nee

Product Description

Sinn Sisamouth is acknowledged as Cambodia's greatest ever singer. He was born in 1933 in Stung Treng Province. Originally he pursued a career in medicine in Phnom Penh before getting increasingly involved in music as a singer and composer. After Cambodian independence in 1953 he joined the National Radio of Cambodia as a daily singer, where he soon became a massive star. At the Queen's request he joined the National Royal Band in 1956, where he focused on court music. He later studied music in China, after which he composed songs with Chinese instruments, then in 1961 he went to France and brought back popular songs which he converted into a Khmer style. From 1962 King Sihanouk decided to focus Samouth's interest on indigenous Khmer music and he was sent to Indonesia and India to introduce Cambodia performing arts, another experience that he would integrate into his own compositions. In the following years he wrote countless hit songs. He served under King Sihanouk for fourteen years until 1970 when a coup d'etat forced him to join the RAK (Revolutionary Army of Kampuchea). He later served the Khmer Republic as a Major General. In 1975 when the Khmer Rouge troops moved into Phnom Penh Samouth fled in the forced evacuation. He decided to return to Phnom Penh but was never heard of again. It is believed he was executed in 1976 by the Khmer Rouge. He is now considered the King of Cambodian music. This fantastic 16 track CD contains some of his greatest tunes.
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