Sketches of Myahk (x 2 10 inch Vinyl)

Sketches of Myahk (x 2 10 inch Vinyl)

Product Description

Originally released in 2009, the Blue Asia project of Makoto Kubota, after trips to Bali, Turkey, Hawaii and elsewhere, landed in Miyako island, part of the Ryukyu chain that includes Okinawa. Comes this time with bonus track of Ikema Kuduchi. This is the first vinyl release on 2 10 inch vinyl records. Remastered by Makoto Kubota.
This is a review of the album from 2009, written by Howard Male in The Independent (UK)

"The opening number on the latest album from Japanese producer Makoto Kubota sounds like an oriental take on the theme music to the 1970s children’s TV cartoon Roobarb, which, believe me, is a good thing.Once again Kubota has taken some old folk songs (this time from Japan’s Miyako Islands) and added his own bluesy twists and turns which are always persuasively fresh and unpredictable. But there’s more of a leaning towards spiky spontaneity than on previous more chilled-out confections."

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Side A
1. Myahk
2.Ikema Kuduchi
3. Myahk-zutsu1

Side B
1. Gudinpuu
2. Weenma nu Eeg
3. Kun-nu-Shu

Side C
1. Nakadati no Migagama
2. Nisu ga Tou
3. Myahk-zutsu 2

Side D
1. Nakayamaabu
2. Tabihae no Aagu
3. Bangamuli
4. Ikema Kuduchi (Bonus Track from Ikema)
5. Myahk 2