Sings Jazz & Popular Standards 1933 - 1937 (Nippon Modern Times Series)

Sings Jazz & Popular Standards 1933 - 1937 (Nippon Modern Times Series)

Product Description

The best jazz and popular songs by Ichiro Fujiyama, one of the giants of 'ryukoka', Japanese popular music from the 1920s to 50s, that adopted the style of Western classical music. Fujiyama himself was a classically trained baritone singer, later becoming a tenor. He became a big star in the 1930s. Aside to Japanese popular songs, he also sung Western songs. This album contains both, but mostly the Western style.
1. Who? 2. The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 3. Isn`t This A Night For Love 4. 5. Pettin` In The Park 6. Oh Donna Clara 7. Pale Moon 8. The Wedding Of Mr. Mickey Mouse 9. Gypsy Dream Rose 10. Play Fiddle Play 11. The Man On The Flying Trapeze 12. Merry Widow Waltz 13. Vilia Lied 14. Song Of The Vagabonds 15. Good Night Vienna 16. I Won`t Dance 17. Andante Cantabile From `String Quartet No.1 Op.11` 18. Omoide No Guitar 19. Omoide No Hoshi 20. Namida No Serenade 21. Youki Na Yonin Gumi 22. La Bomba 23. Confesion 24. I Kiss Your Hand Madame

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