Night Record Store - Forbidden Pre-war Jazz, 1930-1937

Night Record Store - Forbidden Pre-war Jazz, 1930-1937

Product Description

In pre-war Japan, in the big cities of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, night shops would open typically from 5pm to 10pm in downtown areas. They would sell books, watches, tobacco and records. These records were a kind of small decadence, an outlet for people to enjoy jazz music in their homes. This is a compilation of some of those tunes, that brought some brightness into some dark times.

1. Yutaka Amemiya / Mon Paris
2. Taro Toda / When It's Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
3. Richard Tako / Dinah
4. Etoile Dance Orchestra / When You're Smilin'
5. Fukuo Tanaka / I'm Following You
6. Flap Orchestra / Gypsy Moon
7. Uwaki Banzai / Eine Liebelei so Nebenbei
8. Eugenie Miyashita / Moonlight on the Colorado
9. Cherryland Dance Orchestra / Shanghai Lil
10. Cherryland Dance Orchestra / Song of the Island)
11. Center Dance Orchestra / Business in Q
12. Center Dance Orchestra / In A little Gypsy Tearoom
13. Center Dance Orchestra / Marta
14. Yukihiko Haida / Alekoki
15. Joji Arawa / Meleana E
16. Cherry Kami / Blue Hawaii
17. BJ Tango Band / La Cumparsita
18. Kazuhiko Nagai / La Cucaracha
19. Emile Iwate / The Peanuts Vendor
20. Cherry Kami / Just an Echo in the Valley
21. Raymond Taki / Siboney
22. Ruby Takai / Tokai no Yuutsu
23. Center Dance Orchestra / Tocka no Poanhe
24. Merry Fujita / My Blue Heaven