Shunshoku Saika

Shunshoku Saika

Product Description

Hideki Togi has Japanese court music, gagaku, running through his veins.His family have been engaged with preserving and developing this ancient musical style for over 1300 years. Some might say, for the last few years Togi has been engaged in watering down the tradition, by turning gagaku into a so-called 'healing' pap. Togi has combined his hichiriki (a gagaku wind instrument) with synthesizers and western instruments in an attempt to bridge the gap between east and west, take an ancient sound into the modern get the picture. On this latest album, Togi teams up with a 6 piece Chinese group called Bao from Shanghai who are playing a variety of Chinese traditional instruments. This makes perfect sense as the roots of gagaku lie in China. Nevertheless, it's still heavily marketed as healing / new age. CD extra comes with live footage of Togi and Bao playing together.