Shimauta Hyakkei ( 6 CDs)

Shimauta Hyakkei ( 6 CDs)

Product Description

It's been over fifty years since Sadao China made his debut record, and now comes his magnum opus, 101 songs, in a newly recorded six CD box set of traditional Okinawan shima uta and minyo. China is accompanied by mucisians such as Katsuko Yohen, Yoriko Ganeko, Misako Oshiro, Yasuko Yoshida, Keiko Kinjo, Kanako Hatoma, the current Nenes and his two sons Sadato and Sadateru China. Sadao sings, plays sanshin, ryukin and taiko.
Disc 1 has celebration songs and dance songs, Disc 2 is of ashibi uta and other party songs, Disc 3 is of ashibi uta, songs about immigration, travelling, war and peace. Disc 4 is of songs used in plays and praising and blessing the island of Okinawa. Discs 5 & 6 is of love songs.