Shikisai Ongaku

Shikisai Ongaku

Product Description

Twelth album, first for ten years, and thirty five years since the first. A project of Sohichiro Suzuki, he began production in 2019, but developed during the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting a world of silence and distance, resulting in a vocal instead of an instrumental album. With influences ranging from folk, South American music, psychedelia and more. Comes with 40 page booklet in B4 size packaging with illustrations by Yu Yokoyama and notes by Sohichiro Suzuki. Includes one song, Stella, wiritten by Haruomi Hosono and Sketch Show.

1. Monogatari no Tobira
2. Sekai no Hyojun
3. Tsuki wa Amaku Nigaku
4. Lumia
5. A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
6. Shikisai Ongaku
7. Yume no Tsukikage
8. Lazio no Hana
9. Stella
10. Saihate
11. Toi Koe Toi Heya