Shanghai Discontinued Famous Hits of the 1930s and 1940s Vol. 1

Shanghai Discontinued Famous Hits of the 1930s and 1940s Vol. 1

Product Description

We've been on the look out for CDs of the wonderful music from 1930s and 40s Shanghai, also known as shidaiqu, ever since some EMI box sets that were released about 20 years ago, disappeared. Well, we finally found a brilliant series of CDs and these wonderful recordings have never sounded better! The old 78s have been restored using a system called Cedar, with much background noise removed and much clarity added. The music itself is a wonderful mix of jazzy, European influences with Chinese melodies reflecting Shanghai at the time. Shanghai dominated the Chinese movie industry in the 30s with many of the singing stars also film stars. This series features all the great singers as well as lesser known rarer tracks and singers including by Jiang Qing (also known as Lan) later wife of Mao Ze Dong. Volumes 1-5 come with 28 page colour booklet that includes rare photos.Volumes 6 onwards come in hard book cover style with even more elaborate packaging and photos.
1. Wang Ci Long, Han Lan Gen & Yin Xiu Cen / Wang Lao Wu (A) 2. Wang Ci Long & Jiang Qing / Wang Lao Wu (B) - Wang Ci Long & Jiang Qing 3.Han Lan Gen / Ai Qiu Xiang 4. Han Lan Gen / Qing Nian Mang 5. Zhang Yi Wen / Shanghai Xioa Jie 6. Zhang Yi Wen / Liang Ke Xin 7. Yao Lee / Yi Ye Xiao Hun 8. Yao Lee / Liu Lang Zhi Ge 9. Yun Yun / San Lun Che Shang De Xiao Jie 10. Yun Yun / Jian Dan De Sheng Huo 11. Chen Qi / Huang Tang Lang Zi 12. Chen Qi / San Ke Shu 13. Zhang Fan / Chou Cjong Ge 14. Zhang Fan / Tao Hua Duo Duo Hong 15. Liang Ping / Chun Lai Ren Bu Lai 16. Liang Ping / Rui Guo Ni Zheng Zai Xiang Wo 17. Zhou Xuan / Hua Wai Liu Ying 18. Zhou Xuan / Su Zhong Qing 19. Bai Guang / Qiu Ye 20. Bai Guang / Xiao Hua

music copyright Ancient Sound Restore, Singapore

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