Shakuhachi Kukan Mandara Kiku Mitsuhashi Fuke Kotenhon Kyokushu 1

Shakuhachi Kukan Mandara Kiku Mitsuhashi Fuke Kotenhon Kyokushu 1

Product Description

Volume 1 of classic shakuhachi repertoire of the Fuke Sect, as played by Komuso monks. Fuke is a branch of Zen Buddhism that can trace its origins back to the 13th century. For the monks of this sect, the shakuhachi was not a musical instrument but a religious instrument used for meditation. At the beginning of the Edo period, the Tokugawa Government in order to control the monks, ordered these wandering samurai - noble class warriors- to gather around temples and officially created the order of the Buddhist Zen Fuke-sect. It's these warrior monks who are the Komoso. They played an important role in maintaining law and order, however with it becoming increasingly difficult to tell who was a genuine komoso or not, the Meiji government dismantled and prohibited the sect in 1871. Temples in different areas of Japan transmitted different versions of musical pieces. This album contains versions of Tsuru no Sugomori and Reibo, notified by their place of transmission such as Fujidai Temple and Mukaiji Temple. Kifu Mitsuhashi, born in 1950, is one of the great masters of the classical honkyoku (original) repertoire of the Fuke sect.
1. Choushi (Fujidai Shoden - Shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku) 2. Hikyoku Tsuru no Sugomori (Renpouken?Kizenken Shoden - Shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku) 3. Mukaiji (Fujidai Shoden - Shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku) 4. Somakusha (Shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku by Shoutoku-Taishi) 5. Echigo Reibo (Echigo Meianji Shoden - Shakuhachi Koten Honkyoku) 6. Muju Shnkyoku (Jin Nyodou Shoukyoku - Shakuhachi Honkyoku)