Saravah Saravah! Yukihiro Takahashi Live 2018 (LP Vinyl)

Saravah Saravah! Yukihiro Takahashi Live 2018 (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Recorded live on 20th November 2018 at Tokyo International Forum Hall C. The album Saravah Saravah! was released 40 years (in October 2018) after the original (Saravah), Takahashi's first solo album, with newly recorded vocals by Takahashi. The concert was a performance of that album, with surprise guest Haruomi Hosono, and eleven musicians included Tatsuo Hayashi (drums) who also took part on the original recording.
Yoshiyuki Sahashi (guitar) Dr. kyOn (key) Tatsuo Hayashi (drums) Hiroyasu Yaguchi (sax) Nobuo Ariga (bass) Gondo Tomohiko (Ehpho, compueter etc.) Tamao Fujii (perc) Hiroko Shigezumi (chorus) Makoto Okamura (chorus) Tomohiko Tsuya (chorus) Haruomi Hosono (bass, acoustic guitar)

1. For Francis 2. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 3. Saravah! 4. C'est Si Bon 5. La Rosa 6. Mood Indigo 7. Elastic Dummy 8. Sunset 9. Back Street Midnight Queen 10. Present 11. Poisson d'Avril 12. Brand New Day 13. The Look of Love 14. Maji 15. Saravah!

(1st encore 11-14, 2nd encore 15)