Samurai Sessions Vol.1

Samurai Sessions Vol.1

Product Description

We don't normally bother selling mainstream rock or pop, but we'll make an exception, mainly because we've been asked for this album. Dubbed the 'Samurai Guitarist' Miyavi plays electric guitar in his own 'slap' style. He has played around the world, over 200 shows in 30 countries. This CD features Miyavi in various collaborations, some artists that might appeal to a Far Side customer. These include shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma, flamenco style guitarist Jin Oki, Okinawan breakbeat duo Hifana, and Miu Sakamoto.
1. Miyavi vs Hifana - Ganryu 2. Miyavi vs Kreva - Strong 3. Miyavi vs, Yusek - Day 1 4. Miyavi vs Takeshi Hosomi - Silent Anger 5. Miyavi vs H Zett M - Pleasure 6. Miyavi vs Hiromitsu Agatsuma vs Jin Oki - Hanabi 7. Miyavi vs Seiji Kameda vs Miu Sakamoto - Inori Wo