Sakhalin Rock

Sakhalin Rock

Product Description

Ainu musician Oki has been making records of all sorts for about fifteen years now. From simple solo albums to dub remixes and with various bands and guests each album has a distinct quality and uniqueness. This is the second studio album with Oki Dub Ainu Band, and like previous releases, has a quite different feel and sound to it's predecessors and leaves you wondering if this could be the best album he's released so far. Sakhalin Rock is itself varied; from small ensembles and traditional pieces to rocking numbers with a a full band. Guests include Brazilian pandeiro player Marcos Suzano and keyboard player Emerson Kitamura. But it's his regular band members and collaborators who really shine along with Oki, their experience of playing together for a few years now, really telling. Drummer Takashi Numazawa drives the tunes along while dub mixer extraordinaire Naoyuki Uchida provides the atmosphere. Quite simply brilliant.
1. Sakhalin Rock 2. Osoro Omap 3. Tonkori Monimahpo 4. Konkon 5. Topitari 6. Hina Kamuy 7. Takwi 8. Bekabeka 9. Karapt Atuy Riri 10. Poronaysk - 23 11. Flower and Bone 12. Toya