Ryukyu Remixed (2 CDs)

Ryukyu Remixed (2 CDs)

Product Description

On RU's stunning thrird album, tunes from the first two CDs are given new mixes by a dazzling array of like-minded DJs, musicians, producers, remixers, other creative artists and Ryukyu Underground themselves. All collaborators on this project were chosen by Jon and Keith. Some they have previously worked with, while others they have long admired. They include some of the top names in the world dance music scene, alongside equally talented up and coming artists. The breathtakingly diverse range of styles includes ethnic lounge, ambient, techno, dub, and ethnic drum and bass over 2 CDs and 126 minutes of pulsating music. Remixers featured are Kid Loco, Saru, Da Lata Jason Bentley, Junkie XL, Lelonek, Chaos Luda, Bill Laswell, Rohan, Brown Sounds, Richard Kirk, Sharaab, Karsh Kale, Depth Charge and Dub Farm.