Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute

Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute

Product Description

Tribute to Ryuichi Sakmaoto by artists from the Japanese electronic scene to celebrate Sakamoto's 60th birthday. Produced by Tobeta Bajune, who has worked with Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi. Listen to samples of all tracks.
1. Bajune Tobeta / Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 2. Yuanyuan / War and Peace 3. Atom / Riot in Lagos /Atom 4. Yoshihiro Hanno/ Perticepation Mistique 5. Ngatari / Bibo no Aozora 6. Fugenn & The White Elephants and Shintaro Aoki / Self Portrait 7. MimiCof / Ballet Mecanique 8. /1919 9. Antennasia / Saru to Yuki to Gomi no Kodomo 10. DJ Yogurt /Thatness and Thereness 11. No. 9 / Tibetan Dance 12. /The Last Emperor 13. Bajune Tobeta Featuring Cokiyu /The Other Side Of Love (feat. Cokiyu) 14. Bajune Tobeta Featuring Taeko Ohnuki / Deno Giwa