Roots - Ryuraku Keisho Sono San- Shima no Uta Shu

Roots - Ryuraku Keisho Sono San- Shima no Uta Shu

Product Description

Toru Yonaha has been a staple of the Okinawan traditional and classical music scenes for over two decades. Often, in a low key, behind the scenes kind of way, producing other artists and playing on numerous.albums. He's also collaborated with artists from rock to dance music, yet his first love is the traditional folk songs of the islands. This is an album of those songs with some original tunes too. The third in a series of 'roots' albums. He sings, plays sanshin, taiko drums, and flue (flute), showcasing his exceptional talent.

1. Haru No Ume
2. Itoman Otome
3. Umi Nu Chinbora
4. Nakajahi
5. Irabu Togani
6. Togani Tumaitakahashi
7. Tunbaru Nakuni
8. Chijuyaguwa
9. Kadiku
10. Takouyama
11. Yoru No Ume
12. Akata Hanafuu