Product Description

The second release from Inoyamaland's Collecting Net label and sixth album of Inoyamaland's envirnonmental music works. This is a collaboraiton with SPD (Sound Process Design), a great source of Japanese environmental music from the 1980s and '90s. SPD was developed in 1983 to create a sound process design to be used in public spaces inside and outside of urban buildings. It was founded by Satoshi Ashikawa, Munetaka Tanaka, and others as a company that designs acoustics that resonate with vast environments such as parks and other open spaces. Through SPD, Inoyamaland, along with Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yutaka Hirose, and Takashi Sekiguchi, have been providing works to international expositions, art museums, theaters, natural history museums, and historical archives throughout Japan since the end of 1987. This album is an anthology of 17 songs selected from a huge collection of original songs from 30 years of collaboration with SPD, that have been reconstructed and re-recorded. The sound design was supposed to have been carried out flexibly to suit the client's requests and the environment of the installation location, but the sound is distinctly that of Inoyamaland.

1. Apsaras 1988
2. Spiral 1988
3. Mare Nautilus - 1
4. Paxa REM 1988
5. Wulingyuan 1989
6. Mare Nautilus - 2
7. Greenery Exposition 1990
8. Edo Dusk 1994
9. Meiji Dawn 1994
10. Natural History Museum 1994
11.Mare Nautilus - 3
12. Early Snow 1997
13. Shell Mound 1999
14. Shinjuku 2011
15. Lilium Auratum 2017
16. Mare Nautilus - 4
17. Myou-Chou 2017