Product Description

This year, it's 25 years since the female quartet Nenes were formed. Produced by Sadao China and Kazuya Sahara, the Nenes of the early 1990s were one of the most glorious, inspiring sounds to ever come out of Okinawa. The winning formula consisted of charming female vocals, Sahara's canny production skills and China's songwriting, sanshin and stage presence. Along with Shoukichi Kina and Rinken Band, Nenes rode the crest of a new wave of Okinawan music both at home and abroad. After several reincarnations of varying quality this is the latest version. Now spelt Nenez, still produced by Sadao China, with four young singers (Misuzo Okiyama, Nagisa Uehara, Aoi Yomochi, Rie Motomura, average age 23) and performing some of Nenes' most popular songs as voted by their fans. Guests are Yukito Ara and Isamu Shimoji of Sakishima meeting, plus sanshin, ryukin (koto) from Sadao China and keyboards, guitar, drum and bass.
1. Akemodoro 2. Amerikadori 3. Umukaji 4. No Women no Cry 5. Sakishima no Theme 6. Heiwa no Ryuka 7. Bye Bye Okinawa 8. Tege 9. Sanga, Ima wa Toku 10. Kunigami Sabakui 11. Mayonoka no Driver 12. Kogane no Hana