RMXLOGIX (with Special Tracks)

RMXLOGIX (with Special Tracks)

Product Description

Hideki Matsutake is a composer, arranger, producer, synthesizer programmer and mixer who started his music career as an assistant of Isamu Tomita to create music by using the Moog Synthesizer which was unusual at that time. He became a pioneer of Moog Synthesizer and joined Akiko Yano's album 'Tokimeki' in 1978 and then joined Ryuichi Sakamoto's first solo album. That lead him to participate in YMO's albums as a sound programmer from 1978 until 1982. Joined YMO's world tour and during which he used a bank of synthesizers and he was called 'YMO's 4th member'. Formed his own unit Logicsystem in 1981 and has released 10 albums so far. This is his new album and he is also starting new label 'Motion +-' focusing on electronic and synthesizer music. This is limited edition release featuring DJ Harvey, Dub Master X, Saito 'JxJx' Jun and 80 Kidz.
1. Clash - DJ Harvey Re-Edit 2. Clash - Dub's Respect Remix 3. Clash - JxJx REMIX 4. Clash - 80kidz REMIX 5. Traffic Circuit 6. Turning Point