Public Pressure (Collector's Vinyl Edition) (2 x 45 r.p.m. LPs)

Public Pressure (Collector's Vinyl Edition) (2 x 45 r.p.m. LPs)

Product Description

Collector's Edition includes 16th October 1979, live in London, The Venue, Multi-tape, label (replica). Transatlantic Tour Back Stage Pass (replica). LP size booklet. Comes with B3 size poster (type D) (limited quantity), 1000 word liner notes (Japanese), track sheet replicas, interviews, and separate booklet with rare photos. 2 x 45r.p.m. LPs. Click 'Watch' to see what's inside the special box.

Originally released in 1980. YMO's first live album (out of only two released while the band were active). Remastered by Bob Ludwig (first remastering since 1999). Lacquer cut by Bernie Grundman Mastering. Recorded at concerts in 1979, at the Venue in London, Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Bottom Line in New York and Sun Plaza, Nakano in Tokyo. The three members of YMO were joined by Hideki Matsutake, Akiko Yano and Kazumi Watanabe. However, due to contractual problems, Watanabe ended up being mixed out of these recordings and replaced with keyboards. Watanabe's part was later resinstated for the album. Faker Holic.

Side 1 (London)
1. Rydeen 2. Solid State Survivor
Side 2
1. Tong Poo 2. The End of Asia
Side 3
1. Cosmic Surfin (LA) 2. Day Tripper (New York)
Side 4
1. Radio Junk (New York) 2. La Femme Chinoise (New York) 3. Back in Tokio (Tokyo)