Pompuang Joob Gon Jaag

Pompuang Joob Gon Jaag

Product Description

Pompuang Duangjan is one of Thailand's greatest ever singers. She helped to bring the style called lukthung, a kind of Thai country music, to the masses, by updating it into a dance form, although she was also a fantastic singer of the slower lukthung ballads. She came from a poor family, the 5th child of 12, and was idolized by the country's poorer classes, for whom she represented a dream of a young poor girl making good. When she died in 1992, aged 31, hundreds of thousands of people attended her funeral, including the royal family. Her status in Thailand is akin to say Edith Piaf in France or Hibari Misora in Japan. This 12 track compilation includes the hit Joob Gon Jaag and 11 other tracks, including Pua Baba Borbor, Wui Wai, Mae Krua Hua Pa, Po Pae and Pa Chun Hai.

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