Party / Owari no Kisetsu (7 inch vinyl + CD)

Party / Owari no Kisetsu (7 inch vinyl + CD)

Product Description

Born in Tokyo in 2003, Keepon has been something of a child prodigy. A guitarist, singer/songwriter who can also play piano, bass and drums, he's already recorded a few albums at his own home studio. On this single, he plays two tracks from the classic Hosono House album, released in 1973. Hosono himself mixed Party, while Owari no Kisetsu was mixed by Makoto Kubota. Half speed cutting by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, jacket photo by Masahiro Nogami, who photographed the original Hosono House cover. 7 inch single and CD with the same tracks.
1. Party
2. Owari no Kisetsu